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Information You Need to Provide When Renting an Atlanta Charter Bus

Planning a trip to Atlanta for your friends and family is not as easy as you would have imagined. First of all, you need to think about accommodation and transportation. Book your hotel rooms in advance, so you can benefit from early booking discounts and other deals. You surely don’t want to be driving all the way to and throughout Atlanta if you’re coming from a long distance. Second, you won’t be able to have enough room for your friends and for your luggage only in one car, and you don’t want people to feel uncomfortable throughout the entire trip. And finally, you would have to pay a lot of money on gas, highway tolls and parking fees for every car. So, the best form of transport you can find is a charter bus. What you need to do is rent an Atlanta charter bus from a professional bus company and start planning your itinerary.

When renting a charter bus for your trip, there are a few things you need to provide to the bus company, such as:

The total number of passengers

In order for the bus company to start making suggestions regarding the type of Atlanta charter bus you should be renting for your trip, you need to provide them with the exact number of passengers. This way you will avoid renting a bigger charter bus than needed, or even worse, a smaller one. So, do your best and get confirmation from everyone before renting the charter bus.

The facilities you would like to enjoy

Depending on the type of your trip, the bus company can make suggestions regarding the facilities your charter bus should be equipped with. For example, if you are traveling with children, you must think of having facilities like air conditioning, heating, TV, DVD-player, and of course, wireless internet. You might also want to consider adding a restroom to your list of facilities.

Your itinerary

The charter bus company really needs to know your itinerary, attractions you want to see, preferred places to pass through etc. Based on that itinerary they can make their offer. It all depends on the Atlanta charter bus rental period. Besides the itinerary, there are also a few other things to provide to the bus company, such as departure date, time and meeting place. Make sure you give them that information in advance, so they can make the proper arrangements.

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Atlanta Charter Bus – Explore the World of Coca Cola Now

Atlanta, GA is the place to be if you want great, unique group tours for your next getaway. There are tons of choices to explore for groups of friends or families who want the grand adventure the Atlanta way. The World of Coca Cola is right here, giving you the best refreshing getaway ever. Make sure your trip is hassle-free onboard an Atlanta charter bus and nothing less. A museum that’s dedicated to a globally recognized soft drink for a group excursion plus a chartered ride with remarkable features completes the package.

Why charter a bus for a World of Coca Cola excursion?

An Atlanta charter bus is more than just a group tour ride. It is more than one of the many options you can choose from for your trip in the city. Chartering a bus could offer perks more than you ever paid for. No wonder it is becoming a popular and much-preferred choice among tourists and locals alike.

Here are the top benefits of a charter bus ride in Atlanta, GA:

•    Flexibility – You can have flexible and changeable itinerary schedule to fit your convenience. All you have to do is inform or arrange the trip with the bus company and they will adjust to your desired schedule, hassle-free.
•    Safety – There is nothing safer as having a group excursion anywhere in Atlanta onboard a chartered vehicle. These units are insured and regularly inspected to avoid any technical and automobile-related errors. You’ll have hassle-free road trip in and around the city.
•    Affordability – If you charter a bus or motor coach for your group excursion, it is more economical than other forms of transportation. Chartering a bus means choosing the best package that suits your available budget. It is also avoiding small yet frequent expenses such as gas and parking fees.
•    Entertainment – Having an enjoyable group tour is the heart of your adventure. Thus, charter buses are perfect rides because they can ensure your entertainment from start to finish with complete amenities.

Top Things to Know before Visiting the World of Coca Cola

Here are important pointers to remember before you visit this unique museum in Atlanta:

•    The museum in downtown Atlanta is open every day except Christmas and Thanksgiving.
•    The museum has a gift shop and 4D Theater.
•    Visitors get a complimentary bottle upon exit.
•    There is a bottling plant right inside the museum.

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Atlanta Charter Bus – See Monumental Sites in the Metro

Atlanta is a must-go-to place in Georgia. Planning your next adventure in the city is made more fun and easy with today’s different mode of transportation. Take an Atlanta charter bus for a change and you’ll never look at group tours the same way again. Chartered rides are more practical and convenient. It is highly designed for a large number of passengers and group tours to see the different iconic monuments and landmarks. Why are charter buses and motor coaches becoming popular forms of transportation?

Best Features of an Atlanta Charter Bus

Nowadays, chartering a bus for your group tour and excursion in Atlanta is the most popular option. There are several ways to enjoy your trip through discovery of the different landmarks and sites in the metro. However, only a few transportation services could deliver the best features to guarantee fun from point A to B. Here are the most popular and outstanding features of today’s charter buses in Atlanta:

•    Full-Packed Amenities. Contemporary charter buses you can find in Atlanta are designed with a wide assortment of amenities. It depends on the type of package you choose, but most amenities are complimentary. There are also those you can specifically request to cater to your travel needs. Some of the most common charter bus amenities include restrooms, refrigerators, TV, DVD player, luggage compartment and so much more.
•    Insured and Licensed Fleets. Reputable bus companies will make sure their units are updated in their insurance and license. This is a guarantee that you will enjoy safe and secured rides from day one. Insured fleets also promise you are safeguarded from financial expenses in case something happens on the road.
•    Stylish Interiors and Exteriors. Enjoy a posh and fashionable ride onboard modern charter buses today. There are numerous designs of charter buses that spell sophistication and luxury. The great news is that you can now experience charter rides previously exclusive for the affluent in rates you can certainly afford.

Monuments and Landmarks in Atlanta

Get ready for the ultimate getaway in the metro. There are Atlanta chartered rides you can definitely afford. Here are some of the must-see places to discover onboard these world-class rides:

•    Atlanta History Center
•    Georgia Dome
•    Georgia State Capitol
•    Naval Air Station Atlanta
•    Martin Luther King Jr. National Historical Site
•    Inman Park Trolley Barn
•    World of Coca Cola

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Atlanta Charter Bus Company – Safe Trips among Nature

Atlanta is a haven of natural beauty and landmarks dedicated to nature. To quench your thirst for scenic and beautiful spots in the core of nature, explore Atlanta today. There are various ways to get to your destination such as driving your own car or vehicle. You can also ride public transits to go around the city. However, the most popular and practical way to travel especially with a bigger group is through chartering a bus. Find an Atlanta charter bus company to book a charter bus or coach for your next trip to nature in this beautiful metro in Georgia.

Secure your Trip with Charter Bus Rental

There are numerous ways to travel and go around Atlanta today. If your itinerary includes exploring the natural treasures of the city, the best way is to charter a bus. Enjoy the comfort and convenience of charter buses especially if you deal with the right Atlanta charter bus company. On top of its numerous perks, safety and security is a surefire feature of charter bus rentals. Why charter buses are the safest mode of transportation in Atlanta? Here are the safety highlights you need to know:

•    Designated Licensed Drivers – Quality charter buses come from companies that provide units with designated drivers or chauffeurs. These professionals are equipped with commercial driver license and are trained and qualified to drive huge charter buses. You are 100% safe during your travel with the pros that also have training and customer relations skills.
•    Routinely Checked and Monitored Units – All charter buses undergo routine checkup and maintenance before deployment on the road. This is to make sure that there are no mechanical issues and other troubles during your trip.
•    New and Full Equipped Buses – There are no buses that are outdated because top bus companies only have modern and fully equipped units. You not only enjoy stylish rides but the safest trips when you go around and enjoy the best landmarks and scenic spots considered as havens of nature in Atlanta.

Journey among Atlanta’s Natural Treasures

Here are the tourist spots you can explore to see the natural and wildlife preserves in Atlanta:

•    Georgia Aquarium
•    Fernbank Museum of Natural History
•    National Historic Site for Martin Luther King Jr.
•    Zoo Atlanta
•    The Children’s Museum of Atlanta
•    Sweet Auburn Curb Market
•    Sun Dial Restaurant, Bar and View
•    Oakland Cemetery

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Atlanta Charter Bus – Discover Atlanta’s Great Outdoors

Are you and your friends the adventurous, nature loving bunch? If you are, then there is definitely no reason for you to miss out on the best outdoor destinations that the city of Atlanta offers its locals and of course, its visitors. You can gather all your closest “outdoorsy” pals and rent out a professional and highly recommended Atlanta charter bus to take you to the best nature oriented destinations in the city. Aside from that, chartering a bus to the city will ensure that you will no longer have to worry about not having enough time to iron out your plans for the summer. So make sure that you choose the right one for your travel needs.

What’s In Store for Travelers Who Charter an Atlanta Charter Bus

The following are the best benefits that you and your wacky and really adventurous friends will get to experience when you finally rent out a reputable Atlanta charter bus this summer:

•    You can spend more time bonding and planning your much awaited summer vacation, instead of taking turns behind the wheel. Since you will be assigned a driver to take care of all your road related concerns for you, it would be easy for you and your pals to catch up on each other’s lives, relive funny moments, start amazingly funny conversations, stop and take lots of pictures and rest while you are on your way to Atlanta.
•    The company will ensure that your driver, as well as the travel guide that you will be provided with are both certified and trained to handle even the most stressful situations on the road. You can be sure that they would know what to do to ensure that you will be safe throughout your trip – so do not let the fear of road breakdowns and other engine problems stop you from having a blast with your friends.
•    The company’s rates and top notch services are also something that you should look forward to. You can choose from their long list of really affordable travel deals which you can personalize at the same time, to further help you stick to your budget easier.
•    You can also make sure that you will be able to visit all the outdoor tourist destinations in Atlanta because your travel guide will help you customize your tours and other activities to meet your interests.

Top 10: Best of Atlanta’s Outdoors

1.    Piedmont Park
2.    Atlanta Botanical Garden
3.    Grant Park
4.    Inman Park
5.    Cochran Mill Park
6.    Historic Fourth Ward Park
7.    Perkerson Park
8.    Outdoor Activity Center
9.    Overmountain Victory National Historic Trail
10.    Lullwater Park

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Atlanta Charter Buses – Discover Fun Things to Do in Atlanta

Since Christmas is fast approaching, soon you and your friends would be spending time away from school for a few weeks. This would be the best opportunity to really bond, relax and catch up on things that you might have missed when school started. One thing that you and your college buddies could do is to go on a road trip, on board one of those reliable Atlanta charter buses and discover all the fun things that you can do together in Atlanta. Now, to make sure that you will be able to make the most of your time off from studying, what you need to do is to find the best charter bus company to take you on a cool and memorable adventure around the city.

How to Find the Best Atlanta Charter Buses

There are actually 2 easy ways to find the best charter bus company for your budgeted tour around Atlanta.

1.    Check out different sites on the internet. There are different websites that offer charter bus services to Atlanta; you can check a good number of them out and carefully study all their packages and services to make sure that they have all the things that you have been looking for. You can also find charter bus companies through forums, chat rooms and even blog sites that cater to travel on road. Just do not forget to watch out for the following factors before making any decisions:
a.    The company’s website should be complete and user-friendly. You also would want to check if you can easily make your reservations online as well.
b.    The company’s years in the business. Usually, their “about us” page will give you an idea about how long the company has been in operation, their specialization and of course, their contact information.
c.    The company’s services, rates and packages.
d.    The buses and the amenities that they offer their clients
e.    Client feedback and comments
2.    You can also rely on the experience of your friends, family members and even classmates. Ask them about their recent charter bus experience and ask for advice, recommendations and feedback to make sure that you will be able to find the right company. You can also refer to your university’s bulletin board for ads about Atlanta charter buses and other travel services.

10 Fun Things to Do in Atlanta

1.    Catch a Broadway show or play at the Alliance Theatre.
2.    Stay fit – hike, bike, walk, run at the Atlanta Beltline.
3.    Crazy about sports? Watch a game or two at the Turner Field.
4.    Learn from the past at the Atlanta History Center.
5.    Walk around the neighborhood and join tours held by the Atlanta Preservation Center.
6.    Shop ‘til you drop at the Atlantic Station.
7.    Stroll around the Centennial Olympic Park.
8.    Pay respects to war heroes at the Center for Civil and Human Rights
9.    Puppetry at its finest at the Center for Puppetry Arts
10.    Have a picnic at the park – Chastain Park Amphitheatre

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Atlanta Charter Bus – The Best Cheap and Free Places to Visit in Atlanta

There are so many gift ideas that you can think of when it comes to celebrating your parents’ anniversary. One of which is taking the entire family on a budget friendly trip to Atlanta, Georgia – visit its awesome tourist attractions and of course experience the city’s amazing food. Now, if you want to make sure that everyone important in the family will be able to join you without the stress brought about by a limited budget, you definitely need to find a reputable Atlanta charter bus service to take you in and around the city. There are so many benefits that you can get out chartering a bus to Atlanta with the family.

Best Reasons for Renting an Atlanta Charter Bus

Since this is going to be a once in a lifetime celebration, and you would like to ensure that your parents and the rest of the family will stay comfy and relaxed throughout the trip, chartering a bus will surely be the best choice. Here are more reasons for doing so:

1.    Chartering a bus will help you save money and time. The company will have all its services, packages and even policies posted on their website. This means that you can easily find all the travel services that you are looking for and at the same time, get the chance to book affordable reservations right on their website as well. And since you only need their website to cover all your plans, you won’t have to spend a lot of hours online just to find the trip that you want. Now, when it comes to money, their reasonably priced services will surely make sure that you will have more money saved up for your tours, shopping and gastronomic adventures.
2.    Chartering a bus will keep you all safe and organized. The company will provide you with a driver who is certified and highly experienced when it comes to extensive cross country driving. You do not have to worry about driving all the way to Atlanta, nor do you have to be scared of getting lost around the city. You will also be provided with a skilled and highly knowledgeable tour guide to make sure that you will be able to visit all the top, budget friendly tourist destinations in and around the city.

Top Free and Cheap Places in Atlanta with the Family

1.    Fox Theatre
2.    Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site
3.    Atlanta Botanical Garden
4.    Centennial Olympic Park
5.    High Museum of Art
6.    Zoo Atlanta
7.    Georgia Aquarium
8.    NEW World of Coca Cola
9.    Atlanta Cyclorama and Civil War Museum
10.    Jimmy  Carter Library and Museum

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Atlanta Bus Charter: Good Characteristics It Should Possess

If you are thinking about touring to the city of Atlanta with your family, friends and love ones then it is highly recommended that you should find time to search for the right kind of transport service. And since you are going to tour around the city with a whole bunch of people, it really makes sense to hire an Atlanta Bus Charter. With this kind of vehicle, you will have the opportunity to experience your city tour the comfortable, safe, secure and convenient way possible. And of course, a bus charter also makes affordable fare rates and this is really something that can help you make huge savings along the way.

Finding the Right Charter Bus to Hire

You have to keep in mind that when it comes to city tours, finding the best transport service should be your top priority. And when it comes to charter buses, you should also take the time to search for the one that can simply give you nothing but the best. The following things are the ones you should look out for when it comes to searching for the best charter bus to hire:

Consider the Accreditation of the Charter Bus Company

One of the most important characteristics of a charter bus company is its accreditation. By simply finding an accredited company, you are simply given the assurance that the company you are dealing with has met all the standards which are being imposed and required by the travel and transportation authorities in the city. So if you wish to simplify your search for the best charter bus company in Atlanta, it really makes sense to find the one that comes with an accreditation.

Consider the Attitude or Character of the Company

Charter bus companies differ from one another when it comes to attitude. This can be determined when you take the time to talk and deal with the personnel and staff of the company. Now if the company staff and personnel are a way unfriendly, arrogant and unprofessional, it makes sense to leave that company once and for and look for something better along the way.

Finally, an Atlanta Bus Charter should be reliable most of the time. This will give you the assurance that you can always avail one that you can simply make use of for your upcoming city tour. Thus, it really makes sense to get a charter bus so that you can have breezy and satisfying trips along the way.

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Atlanta Charter Bus – Free and Affordable Places to Visit in Atlanta

Visiting one or more cities can be really rewards, most especially if you will be able to travel and tour places without spending so much of your hard earned money. And while it is not wrong to set a rather stiff budget for your next family vacation to Atlanta, you really have to dig deep and find the right means to make sure that you stick within the allotted amount that you are all willing to spend. And to help set all your money saving plans in motion, the first thing that you need to do is book a reliable Atlanta Charter Bus to take you in and around this fabulous city.

Pointers when Choosing the Right Atlanta Charter Bus Company

Here are some factors that you definitely need to consider when choosing a charter bus company for your trip:

•    The company’s length of experience.
•    The number of buses that they have in their property.
•    The condition and the quality of vehicles that they provide their clients
•    The amenities that their clients would be able to enjoy during the trip
•    The quality and the certification of the company’s drivers and guides
•    The company’s extra services such as:
o    Itinerary personalization
o    Pick up and drop off times and locations
o    Schedule change requests
o    Extra drivers and guides
o    Hotel accommodation assistance
•    The company’s policies on payment, reservations and even cancellations

Worry Free Trip to Atlanta – Budget Friendly Places to Visit

•    Atlanta Botanical Garden
•    Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site
•    Fox Theatre
•    Centennial Olympic Park
•    High Museum of Art
•    Zoo Atlanta
•    Georgia Aquarium
•    New World of Coca-Cola
•    Jimmy Carter Library and Museum
•    Atlanta Cyclorama And Civil War Museum
•    Michael C. Carlos Museum
•    Center for Puppetry Arts
•    Imagine It! The Children’s Museum of Atlanta
•    Margaret Mitchell House and Museum
•    Decatur Ghost Tours
•    Your Dekalb Farmers Market

Top Activities in Atlanta

•    Bicycle Tours of Atlanta
•    Atlanta Movie Tours
•    SweetWater Brewery
•    Peachtree Trolley
•    CNN Center/Inside CNN Studio Tour
•    Little Five Points
•    Tours of Atlanta
•    Taste of Atlanta

Cheap Places to Eat in Atlanta

•    Fox Brothers
•    Nuevo Laredo
•    Noni’s
•    Antico Pizza
•    Toscano and Sons
•    West Egg
•    Flip
•    Carver’s
•    Six Feet Under
•    Fellini’s
•    Leon’s
•    Figo Pasta
•    Raging Burrito and Taco

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Atlanta Charter Bus –Getting the Ideal Ride for Out of Town Trips

Planning the ultimate getaway with family members or friends is a very tedious task especially when choosing the right transportation service. It is important that you learn the innumerable options you have when getting this type of service particularly Atlanta charter bus. Charters are basically popular and highly preferred nowadays because of the myriads of benefits and perks they offer.

Why Atlanta charter bus for out of town trips?

Going out of town for a vacation or important celebration with a large group of passengers also means renting a charter bus in Atlanta. That’s if you want the ultimate comfort and convenience then you would opt for this type of transportation and nothing else. Going out of town would oftentimes require you to have the ideal and right choice of bus depending on a number of factors. Here are some of the important things to consider when chartering a bus in Atlanta:

How many are the passengers?

The number of passengers to be accommodated is a very salient and basic criterion on how to choose an Atlanta charter bus. If you are traveling with a much bigger group, you could have coach or motorbuses which could accommodate from 20-50 persons. For smaller groups, you can find luxury mini buses or mini coach buses which could transport 8-12 persons depending on the unit.

Are you traveling intrastate or interstate?

There are charter buses with license and features made for long distance trips or interstate travels. When you call a customer representative of a charter bus company, make sure you give this important information first so that you can choose the right vehicle for the ride.

What features are you looking for?

Charter buses are not created equal. That’s because there are more comprehensive, fully-featured and innovative units compared to others. Hence, make sure you are clear what particular bus features you are looking for so that you can find the bus that could cater to all your travel demands. Modern charter buses may vary in a range of interior features such as plush and recliner seats, entertainment systems, restrooms and the likes.

The best Atlanta charter bus could certainly accommodate you and your group to wherever you wish to go without any hassle or fuss along the way. Find the right bus to rent for out of town trip and guarantee that you get safe, secure and convenient travel from point to point.