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Charter Bus Rental – A Unique Adventure in the Metro

With a smorgasbord of historic landmarks and modern buildings and points of interest, Atlanta is indeed a Georgia metropolis to put in your bucket list. Group tours are fun and downright convenient when you go for a charter bus rental. This transport service offers numerous perks and the best ways to make your Atlanta getaway unique and simply unforgettable. Charter buses are exceptional vehicles with their distinct features that no other forms of transportation could deliver. More and more people choose to charter a bus for their group trip in Atlanta than going for other transport services such as taxicabs, public transits, and carpooling.

The Perks of Charter Bus Rental

It takes a lot of time and research to finally get the perfect transport service for your group tour in Atlanta. Chartering a bus is presently the most innovative and beneficial way to visit Atlanta and all its panoramic views and sights. Here are the upsides of a charter bus service for a larger number of adventurers in the Georgia metro:

• Comfort. Charter buses are downright comfortable. You feel convenience from start to finish when you go on a group trip in and around the metropolis. The ultimate comfort level you experience comes from the plush and spacious seats, air-conditioned interior and separate compartments for luggage as well as baggage overheads.
• Practicality. When you go for a charter bus package, you instantly choose the tour package that suits your available and allocated budget. You need not go overboard when it comes to spending on your transport accommodation. Simply choose the charter bus unit and tour package that is cheaper or with discounted offers.
• Safety. Charter buses are the most secured way to visit and conduct a group trip in Atlanta. Professional and licensed drivers operate and handle charter buses thus you have the peace of mind that you are in good, competent hands. Moreover, trusted bus companies have proofs of insurance and license to operate.
• Entertainment. Enjoy your trip to Atlanta even while on board. Charter buses feature a fundamental set of entertainment amenities such as TV and DVD player. You can also make arrangements prior to the scheduled trip to request for a specific facility of your choice.

Atlanta Sights for Tourists

Here are few of the sightseeing top picks for tourists and even locals alike:

• CNN Center
• Centennial Olympic Park
• Margaret Mitchell House and Museum
• Atlanta Botanical Garden

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Bus Rental Atlanta – Exploring the Neighboring Boroughs

If you are on board a charter bus for your Atlanta getaway, you will certainly have the best experience in exploring the neighboring boroughs of the metro. Go for a bus rental Atlanta to ensure top notch transport service without the hustle and bustle of other forms of transportation. A lot of people discover the remarkable benefits of chartering a bus for excursions with a much larger group of passengers on board.

Bus Rental Atlanta Amenities

There are numerous reasons why a charter bus is so much better compared to other forms of transport service. Contemporary charter buses have a wide array of amenities for a comfortable, safe, and downright enjoyable group tour. Check out the following features in today’s modern and innovative charter rides:

• TV and DVD. These multimedia devices are ideal for nonstop entertainment while on the bus. Most bus units have these amenities as typical and complimentary features. In most cases, charter buses are also fully equipped with microphones that are used for tour guides or entertainment purposes.
• Restroom. There is a restroom in almost all bus units for contemporary charter buses. Passengers experience convenience anytime, anywhere they may be. There is no need for a frequent or regular bus stop to go to the nearest comfort room and stopover. Everyone can use the restroom inside the bus and need not stop every now and then in order to avoid any delays in your itinerary.
• Refrigerator or Vending Machine. These amenities may be inside the bus or are provided for upon request. It helps to discuss this beforehand in order to make the service provider aware of your travel needs. Include these salient details in your contract and ensure the proper arrangements.
• Entertainment Amenities. In some buses such as party and themed buses, entertainment features are often inclusive in the bus features. For instance, party buses usually have built-in dance floors and DJ booths for all-out fun and party. Choose the right bus unit with the appropriate amenities for your travel needs.
• Luggage Overheads and Compartment. Contemporary charter buses have generous interior spaces due to the separate luggage compartments and overheads. You experience the ultimate comfort without cramped spaces under your chairs. Even bulkier equipment and baggage is easily stashed away.

Great Boroughs in Atlanta

There are major neighborhoods to explore in Atlanta with their unique features and landmarks:

• Midtown
• Downtown
• East Atlanta
• Buckhead
• Little Five Points
• Vinings
• Virginia Highlands

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Atlanta Coach Bus – Before Booking your Ride

An Atlanta coach bus is one of the most commendable forms of transportation in the bus industry today. Group tours and excursions are made easier, safer, and more economical when you charter a bus instead of carpooling or taking public transits. With the growing bus charter industry, it is quite easy to get stuck to the decision making phase. Thus, before your scheduled group getaway to Atlanta, make sure you research for the most recommended ride in the metro. There are various things to consider when booking a bus charter ride.

What to Look for in an Atlanta Coach Bus

A wise decision always depends on how much you know about the bus charter service. Different bus companies provide varied services with their respective terms and conditions. All you have to do is look into the following vital factors that would influence your decision making:

•    Budget. One of the most important factors to consider and that would determine your choice for a coach bus rental is your allocated budget. How much are you willing to shell out for your transport service? The great news is that you can choose the suitable package deal that is economical but would not compromise the quality of the service you need.
•    Travel Requirements. Different groups have varying travel needs and requirements. For instance, there are family trips that have young kids and senior members while others have educational trips for students. Know your specific travel requests and requirements before choosing the coach bus for your Atlanta tour.
•    Number of Passengers. The number of people in your party mainly determines the type of coach bus you need. Charter coach buses are not created equal in terms of their sizes. Choose the appropriate vehicle depending on the quantity of people to be accommodated. You can choose from minibuses to huge sleeper and tour motor coaches available today.
•    Amenities. Today’s charter buses are designed with innovative and modern features. Look for a charter coach bus with loads of amenities from entertainment devices to refrigerator and restroom. The diversity of amenities available highly depends on the type of bus you charter.

Indoor and Outdoor Riches of Atlanta

The following are just few of the must-see attractions in Atlanta for indoor and outdoor enthusiasts:

•    Atlanta Silverbacks Park
•    Rialto Center for the Arts
•    Millennium Gate
•    Atlanta Contemporary Art Center
•    Rhodes Hall
•    East Lake Golf Club
•    Masquerade
•    Museum of Design Atlanta
•    Philips Arena

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Charter Bus in Atlanta – Time to Get Romantic and Visit These Date Worthy Places in Atlanta

You are about to celebrate your wedding anniversary and you and your friends are planning the best road trip surprise for your spouse; and while you are all giddy and excited to come up with a romantic yet adventurous trip, you actually do not know where you are going. Now, instead of sulking in a corner, feeling defeated, why don’t you call a reliable charter bus in Atlanta and organize your anniversary gift with their help. Together, you can come up with an itinerary that includes all the date worthy places to see and of course all the fun and exciting tourist destination that you can explore with your husband and your closest friends.

What Your Charter Bus in Atlanta Can Do for You

There are several benefits that you can get out of chartering bus to Atlanta. And since you are about to celebrate another milestone in your lives, you need to ensure that your choice in transportation will help ensure a successful trip. Here are the benefits that you can get from your charter bus in Atlanta:

•    Worry free planning. With the help of your chosen bus company, you can make sure that all your travel details will be completely ironed out months before your actual trip. You can easily contact them in case you have questions and additional requests. They are also willing to help you make changes even at the last minute.
•    Safe travel. Charter buses are considered to be the safest road or land transportation in the country. Your charter bus company can assure you that you will be kept safe while you are all on the road since they are doing their best to maintain and check every single bus that they have to avoid accidents, engine troubles and other road related problems. A licensed driver will also be provided to further ensure your safety.
•    Comfortable Trip. The buses are modern or brand new. Not to mention the fact that the buses are equipped with the latest amenities to make sure that you will be comfortable and relaxed on the road. Inside you will find modern seats, a built in bathroom and entertainment system to keep you all company.
•    Rock Star Treatment. You will be picked up at the location that you have specified when you booked the trip. You can also make sure that you would not have to worry about not meeting your schedules and getting lost because a travel guide will help you as well.

Romantic Places to See in Atlanta

1.    Fox Theatre
2.    The Tabernacle
3.    Chastain Park Amphitheatre
4.    Atlanta Botanical Garden
5.    Cobb Energy Performing Center
6.    Buckhead Theatre
7.    Atlanta Civic Center
8.    Aaron’s Amphitheatre at Lakewood
9.    Piedmont Park
10.    Michael C. Carlos Museum

Book your vacation with a reliable charter bus in Atlanta and surprise your husband with a trip to the ATL with your friends for your anniversary.

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Charter Bus In Atlanta: Great Places To See In The City Of Atlanta

Of the many splendored places to see in the United States, many people would surely put Atlanta as one of their top choices. This is not surprising because this Georgian city is a home to a myriad of sites and attractions that you cannot find from other key cities in the country. Of the many sites and attractions that you should see and visit here, the following deserve a good spot in your travel list:

Stone Mountain Park

Charter Bus in Atlanta is definitely a perfect way to reach one of the most popular and interesting destinations in the city, the Stone Mountain Park. This mountain park is a place where the memories of soldiers who have fallen during the Civil War are commemorated. Right at the middle of the park is where you can find is a mountain of granite with a circumference of five miles. An equestrian relief is what you can see on the hill’s eastern flank. This was made between 1923 and 1970. You can reach the top of the mountain or hill with the aid of a cable car. There are other attractions here which include a museum, an antebellum plantation and a museum of the Civil War.

Georgia Aquarium

Do you love sea creatures? This is definitely an excellent place that you should see in Atlanta. It is here where many different forms of marine life are exhibited. It is here where you can find a good number of sharks which is one of the dominating creatures in the sea. You can also dive and snorkel inside the tank along with the sharks! However, a scuba diving certification is required by the Georgia Aquarium authorities to those who want to take part inside the aquarium.  Now if you don’t want to get wet, there is an acrylic tunnel wherein you can walk through to see a variety of fishes and marine animals that swim on all sides of the tank.

Center of Puppetry Arts

Do you love puppets? If you do then this is a great place that you should see in Atlanta today. It is here where you can see the largest collection of puppets that have come from different parts of the world. Aside from puppets, you can also find photographs, videos and posters about puppetry here.

If you want to see more of the best attractions of Atlanta, book for a Charter Bus in Atlanta and enjoy everything Atlanta has to offer soon!

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Need To Know To Benefits Of A Charter Bus Rental? Read This

A Charter Bus Rental is the right place where you can find charter bus services that you can make use of for your tour. Remember that wherever you wish to go, traveling can be something hard and difficult especially when places that you need to reach require hours after hours of sitting inside a bus. For you to enjoy absolute comfort and convenience during your trips, it is important that you should consider hiring a bus or charter bus from one of the best providers today.

What are the Things that You Can Benefit from a Charter Bus Rental?

We cannot deny the fact that when it comes to benefits, a charter bus provider is someone or something that can offer you a great deal of these. The following are some of the potential benefits that you can get when you hire a charter bus company for whatever purpose you have today:

It Requires You to Use Less Vehicles

Touring with a whole bunch of companions can be something hard and stressful. It is possible to allow your companions to drive their own cars but this can eat much of your time, though. As a good alternative, you need to just hire a charter bus and get everyone ion your group accommodated at the same time. Since this kind of vehicle offers plenty of room for everyone in your group, rest assured that driving your own cars is avoided.

Allows You to Spend Less

There are many ways by which you can save money with the aid of a Charter Bus Rental. For one, you can have the chance to save on gas because you will no longer have to feed your car with gas. A bus ride also allows you to avoid damaging your car or so this helps you save on repairs and maintenance. And with the onetime fee which is commonly offered by moist bus providers in the city, you will definitely get the chance to reduce your fares, allowing you to save much along the way. Just divide the fee among the members of your group and you are simply good to go to enjoy reduced and affordable rates for your fare!

Now if you want comfort in all of your trips, rest assured that hiring modern charter buses is definitely an effective way to realize such trips. All you need to do is find a good Charter Bus Rental today!

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Touring Around The Center OF American South On An Atlanta Charter Bus

Atlanta is a city which is known as the capital of the state of Georgia and is also known as the principal center of the American South. Originally, this city was planned as a railway junction but things have changed over time. These days, this Georgian city has become a very important place due to its reputation being the commercial center and the hub of air traffic in the American Southeast as well. With the aid of an Atlanta Charter Bus, you can have the opportunity many of the city’s splendored and attractive sites which are enjoyed by many tourists, visitors and local residents every day the whole year round.

Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site

This is one of the most popular places that every visitor should see when looking forward to touring around the city of Atlanta. This place is where you acquaint yourself with one of the most famous civil rights campaigner during the late 1800s, Martin Luther King Jr. Adjoining the Freedom Hall Complex is where you can find the final resting place of Martin Luther King Jr.

Atlanta History Center

This is one of the largest complex centers in the city of Atlanta. It comprises many museums and attractions that can simply fill your day with much thrill and excitement as you unravel the history of the city at its best. Here you can also find the famous Atlanta History Museum, Swan House, Centennial Olympic Games Museum and other historic gardens. If you are interested on seeing things that talk about history then this is a great place that you should try visiting when you tour to the city one day.

World of Coca-Cola

It was in the year 1886 when Dr. Pemberton created a formula that helps people with headaches. A friend of this doctor mixed water and carbonic acid to the syrup and the result is a kind of drink which is now very popular in many different parts of the globe. Visiting the World of Coca-Cola is a way by which you can entertain yourself and your companions with the aid of entertaining illustrations of how Coca-Cola has made it triumphant to make itself as the world’s most popular drink through the years.

With the aid of an Atlanta Charter Bus, have a great time to explore the city of Atlanta. There are more places to see and enjoy here, for sure!

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