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Atlanta Bus Charter – Capital Fun in the Capital City

Atlanta is the capital of the state of Georgia and it is overflowing with the best scenic spots that are ideal for group tours and adventures. Plan your trip and settle for no less than the best transport service, the Atlanta bus charter. A lot of bus operators are offering their trademark services and this is an upside for customers. Now you can choose and compare service providers to come up with the best choice for a transport service. Group tours are fun and safe with added style and comfort, all rolled into one fantastic ride.

Atlanta Bus Charter Types

Charter buses are not equal in sizes, shapes, features, and pricing. Thus, make sure you have the knowledge and understanding of all the different types of charter buses before choosing which one is best for your group and travel needs. Here are some of the most common and popular types of charter buses in Atlanta:

•    Mini Buses. As the name implies, this unit is significantly smaller compared to other bus units available today. Mini buses are quite popular among a particular customer demographic. Customers basically rent mini buses for bachelor’s parties, bridal showers, weddings, proms, graduations, and short tours. There are units that can accommodate up to 10 passengers with rear luggage space.
•    Executive Buses.Most business trips that need a sophisticated and classy ride prefer this type of premier quality transport service. Executive buses are luxurious with leather seats and interiors that are usually designed to resemble a conference room or office. Amenities are likewise complete for on board meetings such as TV, DVD, and microphone.
•    Tour or Sleeper Buses. This is a huge type of charter bus for huge groups. Tour buses are quite recommended for longer trips for a minimum of 30 days. Most sleeper buses have sleeping quarters or bunker beds on board. There are units with complete kitchen amenities and an on board shower. Musical bands or groups are the common patrons of this type of charter ride.
•    Deluxe Coaches. This ride is a popular choice for educational or academic tours. It could accommodate up to 60 passengers and complete with an on board restroom.

Atlanta’s Best Places and Landmarks

ATL is overflowing with the most renowned sights and landmarks that gained worldwide recognition. Check out the following:

•    High Museum of Art
•    Centennial Olympic Park
•    The Fox Theatre
•    CNN Center
•    Fernbank Museum of Natural History

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Coach Bus Rental Atlanta – Shop Until You Drop in Atlanta

If there is one activity that could really get you and your girlfriends excited when on vacation, that would most certainly be shopping. Looking for exciting, unique and affordable things to buy can be a great bonding time for you and your friends, not to mention that doing this in a new city can be a fun adventure! Since you will be visiting the ATL this holiday season, you can say that you will be at the right place, at the most opportune time! The holidays offer bargain and interesting finds to both the city’s locals and tourists. Be sure to ask you coach bus rental, Atlanta about the best and the most affordable places to shop, when you start to plan your vacation.

Questions to Ask your Coach Bus Rental Atlanta

The following are the top questions that you should make sure to ask your chosen charter or motor coach provider. Their answers can help you decide if you should or should not acquire their services for your ATL trip.

•    How long has your company been in the business? Can you tell us more about your history – how you started and how you managed to stay on top?
•    Do you have a website? Is it safe, accurate and really up to date? Can we book and eventually pay for our packages online?
•    What are the types of buses that you offer your passengers? Are they modern or new? Can you tell us about how well you maintain and care for your vehicles?
•    What sort of in-bus amenities will we be able to use should we decide to acquire your services?
•    Are your drivers, tour guides, mechanics and other staff members trained and certified?
•    How will you able to ensure our safety?
•    Are the services of a tour guide part of our package or is that something that we have to request and pay additional for?
•    What are your payment options? Do you require a downpaymment?
•    Can we contact you anytime in case of emergencies, accidents or if we have additional inquiries and requests?
•    What are your reservation policies?
•    Can we make changes to our itinerary or travel package in case there is a need for us to do so?
•    What are your schedule change and cancelation policies?

Where to Shop When in Atlanta

1.    Buckhead Atlanta
2.    Atlantic Station
3.    Decatur Square
4.    Little Five Points
5.    Sweet Auburn Curb Market
6.    World of Coca-Cola

When it comes to coach bus rental, Atlanta based companies will never disappoint.

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Charter Bus Rental Atlanta GA – Experience the Most Delicious Atlanta Vacation

Food does not just satisfy your cravings and offer relief from your hunger pangs. Food is also a great way to get to know a place or a destination in a deeper and more personal level. The dishes and the different types of cuisines found in your chosen city can tell you more about its culture, heritage, its people and their passions in a more detailed and untainted way. So, when you finally get to visit Atlanta with your friends and closest family members, be sure to include going on a gastronomic adventure as part of your itinerary. For a more convenient way to get around the city’s food district and its top tourist destinations, you need a reliable mode of transportation. This is where the best charter bus rental Atlanta GA comes in to the rescue.

Your Ultimate Charter Bus Rental Atlanta GA Checklist

There are several important things that you need to consider whenever you choose a charter bus rental. Atlanta GA is home to the best ones in the country, but of course, you also need to be meticulous in your decision making. Here is a really helpful checklist that you could use:

• The company’s history, reputation and rating
• The company’s website – accuracy, regular updates, security and ease of navigation
• Reservation policies – grace period, booking and confirmation procedures
• Payment policies – downpayment, modes of payment, easy payment options
• Schedule change policies – schedule change procedures, cancellation procedures, grace period, deadlines, penalties, change fees.
• Itinerary assistance – personalized itinerary, budget, procedures
• Staff reliability – training, certifications, experience, customer care and customer service
• Buses and amenities – bus age and condition, in bus amenities
• Contact information – availability and contact details
• Special requests – policies, fees and other procedures
• Additional services – tour guides, hotel transfers, additional tours

You can find reliable bus companies online, which means that you can use your trusty search engine and check out the following sites and pages:

• Actual company websites – the sites should come complete with information – from policies, products, services, travel packages and booking, as well as payment options.
• Travel blogs – bloggers can also be affiliated with bus companies or these can be blogs managed by the actual company. Get information, suggestions, feedback and advice from travel bloggers.
• Chat sites and forums – get in touch with past, present and future charter bus clients. Ask them about their experiences and even suggestions.

Eat Your Way Around Atlanta’s Top Soulfood Restaurants

1. Busy Bee Café
2. Paschal’s Restaurant
3. Café Shaw Borah Soulful Cooking
4. Pittypat’s Porch Restaurant
5. Glady’s Knight and Ron Winan’s Chicken and Waffles
6. Q Time
7. Thelma’s Kitchen Rib Shack
8. Who’s Got Soul Southern Café
9. K and K Soulfood
10. Soul Vegetarian 2

Travel down to Atlanta and experience the best soul and comfort foods you will ever taste.

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Atlanta GA Charter Bus – Explore Metro Atlanta for Free

If you are running short on vacation budget, you are left with two choices, one is to completely forget about visiting a new city with your family or you can still go, purchase really cheap packages with poor services and features. At least that is what you think! There is one more choice that is far better than what you already have in mind: you and your family can book you trip to Atlanta with the best and the most reliable Atlanta GA charter bus company and experience the vacation of a lifetime – in the most budget friendly way! With the right charter bus company, or mode of transportation for that matter, you can get the best deals not just in prices but also in their products and services.

The Truth Behind Your Atlanta GA Bus Company

A lot of bus companies claim to offer top notch services but fail to deliver when you are already inside their bus traveling to Atlanta. But if you have chosen the best one in the industry, you can be sure to experience the following truths:

• Save money while enjoying your vacation. Contrary to what most people believe, you can experience the best family vacation even if you do not spend a lot. Your charter bus will help guarantee that you can get the best deals without using up all your travel money. The rates are affordable and their services are all of the highest quality. You will also be given the chance to tweak or make changes to your travel package to suit your budget and the things that you need.
• Travel safely and comfortably every single time. While you are on vacation, the charter bus company will ensure that the bus that you will be using will be at its top performance through thir intensive security and maintenance checks and procedures. They hire nothing but the best staff members – from their mechanics to their travel guides and drivers! They are all experienced, trained and certified. Inside their buses, you will find high-class amenities such as comfortable seats, an in bus bathroom and even an entertainment and internet feature.
• Plan an itinerary with experts. The Atlanta GA charter bus company will provide you with a seasoned guide to help finalize your itinerary. They will also suggest places and activities that you can include there, while taking your interests into serious consideration.

Places to See in Metro Atlanta for Free

1. Atlanta Monetary Museum
2. Carter Center
3. Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area
4. Centennial Olympic Park
5. Georgia Capitol Museum and Tour Program
6. Fernbank Science Center
7. Yellow River PArk
8. High Museum of Art
9. Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary
10. Underground Atlanta

Who says that visiting Georgia can be very expensive? With all these amazing and free places to see, you and your family will surely have a blast in Atlanta, GA.

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Atlanta Charter Bus – The 10 Best Places of Atlanta, Georgia

There are so many things that people consider when it comes to choosing their next vacation destination. And these factors, when not met, can completely ruin a supposedly fun and exciting bonding opportunity for friends and family. This is the reason why your choice of destination is crucial to the success of your upcoming road-trip with your loved ones. Now, when it comes to amazing places to see, fun activities to do and great food to eat, the best place to strongly consider is the city of Atlanta in Georgia. You can acquire the services of the best Atlanta charter bus provider and you will be able to not just plan a great and memorable vacation, you will also be able to reap tons of travel benefits.

What Can You Expect from an Atlanta Charter Bus?

When it comes to advantages and benefits, your chosen Atlanta charter bus will never ever disappoint. Here are only some of the many things that you can get out of chartering a motor coach to Georgia:

• Personalize your trip. Of course, there would be instances where in the places which are part of the travel package do not get you excited. To avoid boring activities and uninteresting sites, you can contact your charter bus company and ask to have your itinerary customized based on the places that you really want to see and of course the amount that you can really afford.

• Suggest Pick Up and Drop Off. Through hiring a motor coach service, you do not need to worry about getting to the airport on time, nor do you have to contact a taxi service just to get to the bus stop. Instead, all you need to do is to specify your pick up time and location, and your charter bus driver will pick you up. Drop offs work the same way too!

• Save money on travel. The rates are extremely affordable, which means that you can have more funds for shopping and dining out. You can choose the services that you need to further increase your savings.
• Travel safely and comfortably. Buses are considered to be the safest way to travel across the country, so it is just wise to choose a charter bus for your trip. Safety and comfort is also their top priority – with new, modern and well maintained buses!

10 Best Places to See in Atlanta, Georgia

1. Georgia Aquarium
2. Atlanta Botanical Garden
3. Fox Theatre
4. Piedmont Park
5. Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site
6. Center for Civil and Human Rights
7. Turner Field
8. College Football Hall of Fame
9. Atlanta History Center
10. The Swan House

These places and more make Atlanta an ultimate family vacation destination. Call your Atlanta charter bus and start planning now!

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Atlanta Bus Charter – Ideal Transport Service for Sightseeing

The sprawling Georgia capital is overflowing with all the most exquisite landmarks and points of interest. Upgrade your group excursion with transport services from a contemporary and top quality Atlanta bus charter. Visiting the city and going for a sightseeing adventure lets you experience the urban and historical riches of Atlanta. What better way to discover the metropolis than on board today’s top notch charter buses and motor coaches. Get the party started and book the ideal transportation to make your getaway the most memorable and enjoyable experience that only The ATL has to offer.

Before Hiring an Atlanta Bus Charter Service

There are lots of service providers offering charter buses and motor coaches in Atlanta, also known as the Big Peach. If you want to explore the landmarks and scenic spots in the city, make sure your means of transportation is the ideal choice. Group tours become fun, hassle-free, safer, and budget-friendly if you choose to charter a bus rather than other forms of transport service. In order to make the right decision, there are sources you may want to consult first:

•    Better Business Bureau. The BBB offers valuable information regarding the company. Membership to the Better Business Bureau requires the company to comply with industry standards and regulations. You can also find records about the company along with outstanding complaints against them, if there are any.
•    Customer Feedback. One of the most reliable forms of promotion for a bus charter business is through word of mouth. Listen to the comments and feedbacks of current or previous customers. Happy and satisfied clients will always recommend the operator and give them high approval rating.
•    Trusted Referrals. It helps to have trusted referral and recommendation from friends, colleagues, family members, and other trusted sources. Ask around if someone you know have prior experience in chartering a bus and what operator they recommend.
•    Unbiased Online Reviews. You can always find Internet-based reviews and ratings regarding a bus charter company in Atlanta. It helps to know both the strengths and weaknesses of the bus operator based on expert advice and words from previous customers themselves.

Atlanta’s Top Attractions

The following are notable local landmarks and must-see attractions in Atlanta:

•    The Clermont Lounge
•    World of Coca-Cola
•    Atlanta Botanical Garden
•    SkyView Atlanta
•    The Children’s Museum of Atlanta
•    Chambers of Horror
•    Piedmont Park
•    Sweet Auburn Curb Market
•    LEGOLAND Discovery Center Atlanta
•    Historic Oakland Cemetery
•    Delta Flight Museum

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What to Look for in a Charter Bus Rental and the Top Road Trip Destinations

Things to Look for in a Charter Bus Rental Company

Your travel plans and road trip aspirations will all be for naught if you do not get to find the best and the most reliable charter bus rental Atlanta company to take you to your destinations. Now, to make sure that you will be making the right choice or decision, here some pointers that you need to keep in mind:

• Check the company’s history – this is important because you need to feel confident that the company or the service provider that you have chosen has enough experience to handle large groups of travels such as yours. The provider should also have great feedback from current and previous clients.
• The company’s staff should be accommodating – you do not want to talk or deal with a company whose people are not willing and available to handle all your questions, requests and even your feedback. Their contact details should also be provided to you.
• The company’s ability to keep you safe. Check if you will be provided with a driver and a travel guide who are both experienced, highly skilled and licensed to handle cross country trips and tours.
• Choose a provider that offers complete yet affordable travel packages. You always have to be on the lookout for great savings especially when you are traveling with a large group. Check if the company offers customizable packages and if their rates are affordable enough without sacrificing the quality of your vacation.
• Verify if their buses are modern, new and well furnished. This will not only ensure that you will remain comfortable throughout the trip, you will also feel a lot better knowing that accidents and road-side breakdowns are less likely to happen.

Top 10 Road Trip Perfect Destinations

1. Albuquerque, New Mexico
2. Grand Junction, Colorado
3. Selma, Alabama
4. Petersburg, Virginia
5. Boston, Massachusetts
6. Rapid City, South Dakota
7. Key West, Florida
8. Middlebury, Vermont
9. Anchorage, Alaska
10. Salem, Oregon

With gas prices and of course charter bus rental rates at their travel friendly prices, you definitely do not have any reason to let the opportunity to explore the country pass by.

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