Questions to Ask an Atlanta Bus Company before Renting One of Their Buses

The most populous city in the state of Georgia, Atlanta is also the capital of the state and an important center for history and culture. Visited by millions of people throughout the year, the city is home to a huge number of impressive and popular attractions.

If you’ve always wanted to visit Atlanta with your group of friends, then you should start planning your trip well in advance, so you can enjoy the discounts and special offers After booking your hotel rooms, you need to find a reliable form of transport to take you from one attraction to another, without having to worry about schedules, traffic, or directions. One of the safest, most comfortable and less expensive form of transport for large groups is the charter bus, so think about contacting a professional Atlanta bus company and renting one of their modern buses to get the most out of your stay.

In order to get all the necessaries details that will help you make the right decision, when choosing a charter bus company, you need to ask them a few questions, such as:

Does the company offer the utmost safety?

The first thing you need to know about anAtlanta bus company is that it offers safe trips and impeccable charter buses. Any bus company needs to have insurance. They mustfollow safety rules and regulations and the drivers must pass the United States Department of Transportation (DOT) tests, including drug tests. A charter bus driver should always have a DOT Physical Exam Card.

Are all taxes included in the final offer?

Before signing the contract, you need to make sure that the offer includes costs for fuel, tolls and parking. Also, it is recommended to see if the driver’s accommodation and meals are also being covered by the bus company. You must be sure there aren’t any other hidden costs that you might have to cover.

Do they accept cancellations?

Usually, when you hire an Atlanta bus company you need to know if they want you to make a deposit, what is the final payment day and if they accept cancellations. Unpredictable events tend to happen and you need to know that you can cancel your rental you without having to pay any penalties, and receive a refund. Most bus companies allow clients to cancel their rental under the condition of announcing their intention a few weeks prior to the departure date.

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