Atlanta Charter Bus – Adventures are Better in Groups

An Atlanta charter bus gives you the transport service you need and deserve especially if you are on a group adventure in Georgia. Atlanta is home to the most panoramic outdoors and the best landmarks in the world. Chartering a bus is a practical option if you want to save time, money, and energy on your group adventure. Give your getaway a better twist especially in discovering the beautiful outdoors in the metro and surrounding boroughs.

Essential Must-Knows about an Atlanta Charter Bus

If this is your first time to charter a bus in Atlanta for your group rendezvous, there are basic things you need to know and understand:

On Booking a Charter Bus

Contact the bus operator you plan to hire for the transport accommodation. You can inquire about their tour packages, bus rates, and the likes. Moreover, you can shop and compare bus companies and choose the service provider with the ideal package and rate you are looking for. You can book a charter bus through completing the online form provided in most websites and giving them your contact details for confirmation.

On Payment and Reservation

In most cases, an Atlanta charter bus company usually confirms the reservation of the transport service after you have fully paid the package. There are also bus operators that allow partial initial deposit for reservation. However, make sure you first inquire about this since the trend nowadays is full payment before booking and reservation.

On Cancellation and Refund

Different bus operators have their own cancellation policy and refund regulations. Make sure you are 100% amenable to the rules and regulations of the company before signing on the dotted lines. There are companies that allow cancellation and refund your initial payment as long as you withdraw 30 days prior to your scheduled trip.

On Charter Bus Services

You can choose what tour package you want to access and enjoy. There are full package deals that offer the transport service complete with itinerary and other transport assistance. You can also opt for a bus-only package but most bus operators provide a designated driver for the ride.

Exquisite Outdoor Must-See in Atlanta

Bring the entire gang in Atlanta and see the refreshing beauty of these outdoor treasures:

•    Silver Comet Trail
•    Piedmont Park
•    Sweet Auburn Curb Market
•    Historic Oakland Cemetery
•    Little Five Points
•    Six Flags Over Georgia
•    Morgan Falls Park

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