Atlanta Bus Company and High Rated Hotels

A reputable Atlanta bus company makes your group tour and special events extraordinary with the best features especially when you choose a deluxe party bus. Theme buses are fully equipped units that make it a unique mode of transportation. Parties and celebrations need not wait until you get to your destination. Start celebrating and having fun while on board with the remarkable features of an Atlanta party bus. You can find a wide range of bus fleets with themes and designs that cater to your travel needs and most importantly, your allocated budget.

Excellent Party Buses from Trusted Atlanta Bus Company

Party buses usually accommodate up to 30 passengers on board. However, you can find a wide variety of units which are smaller or have much bigger seating capacity. The best thing about party buses from a reputable bus operator is that they are complete with the amenities you need for a party on the road. Check out the following amenities and features in most party or theme buses today:

Touch Screen Entertainment

Innovative and upscale party buses are fully equipped with touch screen controls for their Plasma or flat screen TV complete with DVD player. There are also other exciting entertainment packages such as CD players and MP3 hookup with surround sound. Party buses are definitely designed just for the purpose of celebrations on board.

Limo Style Interiors

An Atlanta party bus is loaded with sophisticated and classy features inside and out. Most modern party buses are designed with limousine style interiors for a luxurious finish. There are also leather seats to match the leather interiors. Some bus units follow a particular theme such as futuristic and vintage backdrops.

On Board Restroom

One of the most popular and practical features of a party bus is the on board restroom. This rare feature especially in theme buses lets you party all night long without stopovers and delays.

State of the Art Lighting

Modern party buses are innovative and have advanced technological features such as the fiber optic strobe lighting. There are units with full DJ booths and disco floors with the matching facilities to give you the real celebratory vibe.

Places of Accommodation in Atlanta

On top of the, you also need a good hotel for your group especially if you are out in the metro for multiple days of celebration:

•    Sheraton Atlanta Downtown
•    Wingate Inn Atlanta Buckhead
•    Intercontinental Buckhead
•    Grand Hyatt Atlanta

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