Atlanta Bus Charter – Capital Fun in the Capital City

Atlanta is the capital of the state of Georgia and it is overflowing with the best scenic spots that are ideal for group tours and adventures. Plan your trip and settle for no less than the best transport service, the Atlanta bus charter. A lot of bus operators are offering their trademark services and this is an upside for customers. Now you can choose and compare service providers to come up with the best choice for a transport service. Group tours are fun and safe with added style and comfort, all rolled into one fantastic ride.

Atlanta Bus Charter Types

Charter buses are not equal in sizes, shapes, features, and pricing. Thus, make sure you have the knowledge and understanding of all the different types of charter buses before choosing which one is best for your group and travel needs. Here are some of the most common and popular types of charter buses in Atlanta:

•    Mini Buses. As the name implies, this unit is significantly smaller compared to other bus units available today. Mini buses are quite popular among a particular customer demographic. Customers basically rent mini buses for bachelor’s parties, bridal showers, weddings, proms, graduations, and short tours. There are units that can accommodate up to 10 passengers with rear luggage space.
•    Executive Buses.Most business trips that need a sophisticated and classy ride prefer this type of premier quality transport service. Executive buses are luxurious with leather seats and interiors that are usually designed to resemble a conference room or office. Amenities are likewise complete for on board meetings such as TV, DVD, and microphone.
•    Tour or Sleeper Buses. This is a huge type of charter bus for huge groups. Tour buses are quite recommended for longer trips for a minimum of 30 days. Most sleeper buses have sleeping quarters or bunker beds on board. There are units with complete kitchen amenities and an on board shower. Musical bands or groups are the common patrons of this type of charter ride.
•    Deluxe Coaches. This ride is a popular choice for educational or academic tours. It could accommodate up to 60 passengers and complete with an on board restroom.

Atlanta’s Best Places and Landmarks

ATL is overflowing with the most renowned sights and landmarks that gained worldwide recognition. Check out the following:

•    High Museum of Art
•    Centennial Olympic Park
•    The Fox Theatre
•    CNN Center
•    Fernbank Museum of Natural History

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