Charter Bus In Atlanta: Great Places To See In The City Of Atlanta

Of the many splendored places to see in the United States, many people would surely put Atlanta as one of their top choices. This is not surprising because this Georgian city is a home to a myriad of sites and attractions that you cannot find from other key cities in the country. Of the many sites and attractions that you should see and visit here, the following deserve a good spot in your travel list:

Stone Mountain Park

Charter Bus in Atlanta is definitely a perfect way to reach one of the most popular and interesting destinations in the city, the Stone Mountain Park. This mountain park is a place where the memories of soldiers who have fallen during the Civil War are commemorated. Right at the middle of the park is where you can find is a mountain of granite with a circumference of five miles. An equestrian relief is what you can see on the hill’s eastern flank. This was made between 1923 and 1970. You can reach the top of the mountain or hill with the aid of a cable car. There are other attractions here which include a museum, an antebellum plantation and a museum of the Civil War.

Georgia Aquarium

Do you love sea creatures? This is definitely an excellent place that you should see in Atlanta. It is here where many different forms of marine life are exhibited. It is here where you can find a good number of sharks which is one of the dominating creatures in the sea. You can also dive and snorkel inside the tank along with the sharks! However, a scuba diving certification is required by the Georgia Aquarium authorities to those who want to take part inside the aquarium.  Now if you don’t want to get wet, there is an acrylic tunnel wherein you can walk through to see a variety of fishes and marine animals that swim on all sides of the tank.

Center of Puppetry Arts

Do you love puppets? If you do then this is a great place that you should see in Atlanta today. It is here where you can see the largest collection of puppets that have come from different parts of the world. Aside from puppets, you can also find photographs, videos and posters about puppetry here.

If you want to see more of the best attractions of Atlanta, book for a Charter Bus in Atlanta and enjoy everything Atlanta has to offer soon!

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