Touring Around The Center OF American South On An Atlanta Charter Bus

Atlanta is a city which is known as the capital of the state of Georgia and is also known as the principal center of the American South. Originally, this city was planned as a railway junction but things have changed over time. These days, this Georgian city has become a very important place due to its reputation being the commercial center and the hub of air traffic in the American Southeast as well. With the aid of an Atlanta Charter Bus, you can have the opportunity many of the city’s splendored and attractive sites which are enjoyed by many tourists, visitors and local residents every day the whole year round.

Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site

This is one of the most popular places that every visitor should see when looking forward to touring around the city of Atlanta. This place is where you acquaint yourself with one of the most famous civil rights campaigner during the late 1800s, Martin Luther King Jr. Adjoining the Freedom Hall Complex is where you can find the final resting place of Martin Luther King Jr.

Atlanta History Center

This is one of the largest complex centers in the city of Atlanta. It comprises many museums and attractions that can simply fill your day with much thrill and excitement as you unravel the history of the city at its best. Here you can also find the famous Atlanta History Museum, Swan House, Centennial Olympic Games Museum and other historic gardens. If you are interested on seeing things that talk about history then this is a great place that you should try visiting when you tour to the city one day.

World of Coca-Cola

It was in the year 1886 when Dr. Pemberton created a formula that helps people with headaches. A friend of this doctor mixed water and carbonic acid to the syrup and the result is a kind of drink which is now very popular in many different parts of the globe. Visiting the World of Coca-Cola is a way by which you can entertain yourself and your companions with the aid of entertaining illustrations of how Coca-Cola has made it triumphant to make itself as the world’s most popular drink through the years.

With the aid of an Atlanta Charter Bus, have a great time to explore the city of Atlanta. There are more places to see and enjoy here, for sure!

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