Atlanta Coach Bus – Best Places to Enjoy Atlanta’s Great Outdoors

Whether you are an avid lover of nature or you simply want to visit a city that offers amazing outdoor fun, Atlanta is definitely one place that you should not fail to visit in this lifetime or the next. Why? Well, it is because the city is teeming with parks, gardens, preserves and sanctuaries that will anyone feel one with Mother Nature. And to be able to explore all these destinations along with its other tourist attractions, make sure that you hire the best Atlanta coach bus provider for your upcoming road trip. Chartering a motor coach offers more than just transportation, it also offers convenient, safe and budget friendly travel solutions more than any other mode of transport.

How Convenient is traveling via an Atlanta Coach Bus?

There are so many benefits that a top notch Atlanta coach bus provide can offer its clients. And one of which is convenience of travel But just how convenient is going on a road trip on board a motor coach?

•    Traveling via a coach bus offers the convenience of booking your reservations in the comforts of your own home. You do not have to call or visit their branch or office just to confirm your reservations. In fact, you can simply go online, visit their website, and choose the package that you want, confirm it and pay for the entire thing while you are on your couch sipping a cup of warm tea.
•    The convenience of being picked up and dropped off based on your preference. When you finalize your itinerary, you are encouraged to provide your pick up and drop off details. You can specify the times and locations that you actually prefer and your bus driver will then follow the details.
•    The convenience of not going to creepy, dark and sanitized bathrooms. The bus has its own in-bus bathroom which makes your restroom breaks safer and more convenient. You do not have to ask your driver to stop at rest-stops every two hours or so.
•    Chartering a bus offers the convenience of not reading maps and still getting lost in the process. Your driver knows the roads like the back of his hand, which means that you do not have to worry about missing your tours or getting lost in the city. Your tour guide will also help you come up with an itinerary as well.

Parks and the Great Outdoors in Atlanta

1.    Cascade Springs Nature Preserve
2.    Overmountain Victory National Historic Trail
3.    Mary Scott Nature Park
4.    PATH
5.    Constitution Lakes
6.    Zoo Atlanta
7.    Atlanta Beltline
8.    Atlanta Botanical Garden
9.    Centennial Olympic Park
10.    Chattahoochee Nature Center

Enjoy Atlanta’s great outdoors, explore its historic attractions and shop to your hearts content with the help of your chosen Atlanta coach bus.

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