Information you need to be prepared with When Renting an Atlanta GA Charter Bus

Atlanta is not the largest or the most populous city in the US, but it has a great variety of attractions to offer. So, if you’ve always wanted to visit Atlanta with your family and friends, you are definitely going to have a great time. First of all, start by finding the perfect hotel to stay at and make sure to book your rooms in advance to benefit from early booking discounts and other special deals. Also, you should think about the form of transport you are going to be using to get from one attraction to another. It’s not a very difficult task, because all you need to do is rent an Atlanta GA charter bus and you’re all set.

Your trip to Atlanta is definitely going to turn into an amazing experience, because you will be seeing a wide range of impressive and popular attractions, from museums, monuments, and art galleries, to amusement parks, festivals, and other events.

Some of the most important attractions in Atlanta you shouldn’t miss include the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site, Atlanta History Center, the Fox Theatre, the World of Coca-Cola, Piedmont Park, Atlanta Botanical Garden, Zoo Atlanta, Stone Mountain Park, Georgia Aquarium, the High Museum of Art, and many, many more. Having an Atlanta GA charter bus at your disposal to visit all the above mentioned attractions will make things a whole lot easier. After you’ve found a professional bus company that can provide you with a reliable charter bus, this is the information they need:

The exact number of passengers

Regardless of the type of trip you are going to experience, the bus company you’ve chosen to hire is going to need the exact number of passengers, so you rent the appropriate bus. You don’t want to end up with an Atlanta GA charter bus that is way too big for your needs, or worse, with not enough room for everyone. So make sure you get confirmation from everyone before renting the bus.

Your itinerary

You should also provide the charter bus company with an itinerary the driver has to follow. Based on your itinerary, the charter bus company can make their offer. The itinerary should include information about the rental period, a list of attractions you want to visit, the hotel you are going to stay at, as well as the departure date and time. They will charge you by the hour or by the mile.

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