3 Important Clauses Any Charter Bus Rental Atlanta GA Contract Should Include

The most important rule when it comes to renting a charter bus is to always seal the deal with a signed contract. Don’t trust charter bus companies that promise you great deals if you forget about signing a contract with them. Make everything legal. This way, if something happens, you’re protected by the law and you will get compensations. Otherwise, you’re on your own and we’re talking about life and death matters here.

That is why is very important to carefully read the contract you are going to sign for your charter bus rental Atlanta GA and make sure it includes these three clauses too, clauses that are very clear and easy to understand:

1. The payment clause

When we’re talking about a contract, we’re always talking about payment. That’s why you need to make sure that your charter bus rental Atlanta GA contract includes a clear clause about payment, installments, supplementary fees and deadlines. You need to know how much the rental costs and if you have to pay supplementary fees in case you decide you need the charter bus longer than stipulated in the contract. You also need to know if you are going to make a deposit first and pay the rest of the amount at a later date. Make sure you include the deadlines for payment too. This way, there are no doubts when it comes to your payment responsibility.

2. The additional costs clause

Some charter bus companies support all the expenses incurred by the driver’s meals and accommodation, highway tolls, city taxes, parking etc. Some charter bus companies don’t. Make sure you know if the charter bus company you want to sign a charter bus rental Atlanta GA contract with supports or not these additional costs before signing the contract. You might be impressed by the great deal they are offering for the rental, but overcharge you for these additional services.

3. The cancellation policy clause

Never sign a charter bus rental contract that doesn’t include a cancellation policy clause. You might be determined to follow through with this rental, but life happens often and you can find yourself in the position to have to cancel your rental. Find out if the charter bus company accepts cancellations and if they are going to reimburse your deposit or the entire amount you have paid. You should also ask about penalties in case of cancellation. Everything should be written down in the contract to make sure you are covered in case the unexpected happens.

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