3 Fun Things to Do during Your Atlanta Coach Bus Trip

Bus trips are always fun, especially when you travel along with your friends and family. If you’re planning to rent an Atlanta coach bus for your family trip, make sure you check this article. Bus trips are a good opportunity to catch up, find out what’s happening new with your friends, play fun games, listen to music and watch movies. Of course, if the trip is longer than just a few hours, you may need some back-up entertaining. You can either spend your time reading the latest novel wrote by your favorite author, admiring the views or sleeping, or you can involve everyone in fun games.

Here are our ideas regarding fun things that you can do during your Atlanta coach bus trip:

1. You can play the “Telephone” game

You probably already know this game but you never thought it could be a fun activity during an Atlanta coach bus trip. The rules are pretty simple, since there is only one rule: one passenger that sits at the front of the bus should whisper a name to the person next to him or her and from there one let the world travel until it reaches the last passenger that sits at the back of the bus. The final version of the world will definitely be something to remember!

2. Try Charades and see where your imagination leads you

Well, Charades is one of our favorite games ever. It includes endless possibilities of answers and infinite sources of laughter. Ask kindly all the passengers to take their seat and select two passengers who will have to act out a movie title or a song title. It’s true, the game is not exactly perfect for a bus trip because it requires for those two passengers to stand during the Atlanta coach bus journey, but if the road is deserted and the driver agrees with making an exception, you’re go to go. Just make sure you don’t play this game when children are around. They still haven’t figured out their balance issues.

3. Travel back in time and try some coloring

We know you’re not children anymore to waste your time coloring, but try doing this activity on a moving bus. It doesn’t seem so easy anymore, does it? Give every passenger the same image to color and check out the results at the end of your trip. You can even throw in a gift or two for the most beautiful works of art. Need more tips? How about choosing a famous painting as a coloring background?

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