What to Ask a Charter Bus Company before Using Its Services

Atlanta is a great city to visit because it is full of historical landmarks and other fun touristic attractions. So if you decide to spend your vacation in the capital of Georgia with family and friends you will be leaving with lots of great memories and holiday pictures. The best and the cheapest way to travel is by motor coach from an Atlanta charter bus company. Nevertheless, before deciding to use the services of a specific Atlanta charter bus company you must ask all the right questions in order to have a safe, pleasant and comfortable trip.

Therefore, here are some useful questions to ask a charter bus company before using its services. For starters you should ask a charter bus business if they can affirm that their drivers will be in full compliance with the United States rules throughout the whole trip. Practically American law restricts driving time to ten hours in one day. After this period of time the driver must take eight consecutive hours off-duty before hopping back behind the wheel. You should also ask if the motor coaches have a valid safety inspection sticker on them. Basically the law requires charter buses to undergo a specialized mechanical inspection every six months and to have a safety sticker placed on the front right corner of the motor coach that indicates the expiration date of the present inspection.

Every respectable charter bus company must hold an Operating Authority issued by the United States Department of Transportation, so you should as the company to tell you about their US DOT number. After that you can check this number on the US DOT website to see that the business has the proper insurance required for U.S. travel. Furthermore, the US DOT number must also be displayed on the side of the motor coach.  Another good question refers to random alcohol and drug testing program for the drivers. That is why you should ask the charter bus company to offer you proof regarding this matter, because the US Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations require all bus chauffeurs who enter the United States to be enrolled in this type of program.

You should also ask several questions about motor coaches maintenance. Plus, never sign with a company that does not provide references that attest their service quality and safety performance. Inquire about regular driver evaluation and training because it is always preferable to have an experienced chauffeur behind the wheel. You must also ask about the year when the vehicles where manufactured. Typically charter buses are well made and solid vehicles that have a longer life span than cars, so older equipment that has been well maintained can offer a safer, reliable and cleaner transportation. Another question must refer to amenities like DVD player, recliner seats, TVs, AC system, restrooms, luggage storage, wheelchair lifts and so on.

Even the best built and maintained vehicles can experience unpredicted mechanical failure. That is why you should ask if the company you are about to sign a contract with offers 24/7 contingency plans and back-up measures in order to minimize delays and disruption en route.

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