Top 3 Fun Things to Do and See While Visiting Atlanta

The capital of Georgia, Atlanta has a large variety of touristic attractions suitable for all ages. That is why you’ll never have a dull moment if you decide to visit this city. But first, a good vacation planner always thinks about the best means of transportation. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t dwell too much on this subject and choose to book an Atlanta charter bus because it will provide you with comfort, especially if you plan to travel with a large group. After you’ve rented an Atlanta charter bus you’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover you’ve saved a lot of money that you can now use to go shopping. If you haven’t thought about an itinerary here are some suggestions about cool places you can visit that will be fun for you and your family or friends.

The Atlanta Cyclorama

Only in the capital of Georgia you will get the chance to see the world’s biggest oil painting. This work of art is a forty two foot tall story board that shows the story and history behind the Civil War Battle of Atlanta. The Cyclorama has circumference of 358 feet and uses a once popular form of storytelling that dates back to the eighteenth century. So tell your charter bus driver to take you and your family to see this extraordinary piece of art that was completed by German artists in 1886, which features life-like characters that are over three feet tall. A local philanthropist named George V. Gress donated this painting to the city of Atlanta in 1898. The same guy also founded the Grant Park Zoo that nowadays is known as the Atlanta Zoo. This exhibit is usually accompanied narration in a variety of languages and by period music.

Atlantic Station

The Atlantic Station is shoppers’ paradise because it includes over fifty shops, featuring s a Central Park and streetscape-style setting with brick paved streets. You’ll discover here a variety of boutiques, hip restaurants, bars and sidewalk cafes. Atlantic Station also has a fitness center, a movie theater and a grocery store. All year round tourists can enjoy at Atlantic Station concerts and festivals as well as ice skating in the cold season. The place also permanently houses “Bodies” The Exhibition and hosts many times Cirque de Soleil.

Atlanta Movie Tours

The Atlanta Movie Tours allow tourists to trace the footsteps of their favorite movie or television characters via a three hour tours, guided by actors and extras. You can ask the people who work there to customize your tour any way you like. Thus, you’ll be experiencing the perfect tour custom made for you, your family or friends according to your taste for Drama, Horror, Reality TV and Sports or entertainment  in general.

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