Charter Bus Company Atlanta – Explore Historic Architecture

The architectural history of Atlanta is a significant one in the state of Georgia. There are iconic people, locations and buildings in the borough making it a great venue for sightseeing and historical enrichment. It is also where time stands still as the pre-Civil War buildings are intact despite troops burning most places in Atlanta. These stories and scenic spots made this Georgian region a must-see especially for group excursions. A charter bus company Atlanta facilitates your tour to the architectural gems of the metro. There is no other mode of transportation that could make your journey worth it.

Facets of Bus Charter Service

There are lots of things you need to know about charter buses in Atlanta. The secret to successfully chartering a bus is through dealing with legit and established charter bus company Atlanta. You will discover that there are plenty of bus companies to choose from. No matter what tour packages they offer, benefits are still overflowing with this type of transport service.

Here are some of the many facets of a bus charter service today:

•    Loads of Amenities – Charter buses are fully equipped with amenities to make your trip fun, comfortable and safe. Bus units are air-conditioned with multimedia devices such as television and DVD player. Seats are wide, spacious and cushioned to ensure your comfort throughout the trip. Charter fleets are likewise insured, regularly maintained and licensed.
•    Security Features – The safety of bus passengers is top priority for reputable bus companies. Thus all units are first inspected and troubleshot for problems before deployment on the road. Moreover, buses have assigned drivers with license and training.
•    Affordable Tour Packages – The good news about having tons of bus companies to choose from is that you can also choose the best deals. Tour packages are offered with different rates and features. You can select the best package that suits your budget with preferable features to cater to your travel needs.
•    Organized Itinerary – Unlike going on a group tour on your own, tour packages may also have scheduled itinerary so that you get to see Atlanta’s architectural venues one by one and without hassle.

Historic Atlanta’s Architectural Showcase

Anywhere you go in this Georgian borough, you will see fascinating architectural gems. Here are few of the top picks for your tour:

•    Flatiron Building
•    Fairlie-Poplar Historic District
•    U.S. Post Office
•    Candler Building
•    Hurt Building

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