Atlanta Charter Buses – Discover Fun Things to Do in Atlanta

Since Christmas is fast approaching, soon you and your friends would be spending time away from school for a few weeks. This would be the best opportunity to really bond, relax and catch up on things that you might have missed when school started. One thing that you and your college buddies could do is to go on a road trip, on board one of those reliable Atlanta charter buses and discover all the fun things that you can do together in Atlanta. Now, to make sure that you will be able to make the most of your time off from studying, what you need to do is to find the best charter bus company to take you on a cool and memorable adventure around the city.

How to Find the Best Atlanta Charter Buses

There are actually 2 easy ways to find the best charter bus company for your budgeted tour around Atlanta.

1.    Check out different sites on the internet. There are different websites that offer charter bus services to Atlanta; you can check a good number of them out and carefully study all their packages and services to make sure that they have all the things that you have been looking for. You can also find charter bus companies through forums, chat rooms and even blog sites that cater to travel on road. Just do not forget to watch out for the following factors before making any decisions:
a.    The company’s website should be complete and user-friendly. You also would want to check if you can easily make your reservations online as well.
b.    The company’s years in the business. Usually, their “about us” page will give you an idea about how long the company has been in operation, their specialization and of course, their contact information.
c.    The company’s services, rates and packages.
d.    The buses and the amenities that they offer their clients
e.    Client feedback and comments
2.    You can also rely on the experience of your friends, family members and even classmates. Ask them about their recent charter bus experience and ask for advice, recommendations and feedback to make sure that you will be able to find the right company. You can also refer to your university’s bulletin board for ads about Atlanta charter buses and other travel services.

10 Fun Things to Do in Atlanta

1.    Catch a Broadway show or play at the Alliance Theatre.
2.    Stay fit – hike, bike, walk, run at the Atlanta Beltline.
3.    Crazy about sports? Watch a game or two at the Turner Field.
4.    Learn from the past at the Atlanta History Center.
5.    Walk around the neighborhood and join tours held by the Atlanta Preservation Center.
6.    Shop ‘til you drop at the Atlantic Station.
7.    Stroll around the Centennial Olympic Park.
8.    Pay respects to war heroes at the Center for Civil and Human Rights
9.    Puppetry at its finest at the Center for Puppetry Arts
10.    Have a picnic at the park – Chastain Park Amphitheatre

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