Charter Bus Rental Atlanta – Top Places to Visit in Atlanta with Friends

You may think that you and your friends will not be able to visit an awesome city this year, because of budget constraints. Well, think again; Because with the help of the most reliable charter bus rental, Atlanta has to offer, you and your closest college friends will be able to spend your holiday breaks on tour – from Ohio to Georgia- without worrying about spending so much money or running out of finds right in the middle of your much awaited and truly well deserved time off from school and work. Now, to make sure that you will surely enjoy your trip to Atlanta, be sure to choose the right charter bus company.

Top Questions to Ask When Choosing A Charter Bus Rental in Atlanta

Being a meticulous customer is definite must, especially if you want to save your money. Here are questions that you should never forget nor hesitate to ask your charter bus rental company:

•    How long have you been in the charter bus business/industry?
•    What makes you the best among the other charter bus companies that we can find online?
•    How competitive are your rates? Will you be providing us with the most affordable packages to choose from, since we are working around a really tight student budget?
•    Will your company help us customize our itinerary based on the amount that we are capable to spend?
•    Will you be providing us with a tour guide or do we have to submit or post a request for that?
•    If we will be requesting for a guide, how much extra will you be charging us?
•    How much time will you give us  to confirm and finalize our reservations?
•    Will we shoulder the driver and guide’s accommodations as well, or are they part of the package?
•    Does the company offer some sort of travel insurance?
•    Can we make schedule changes in case we have an emergency situation to attend to?
•    How much will we be charged for that?
•    Are your drivers and guides certified and trained? Are they experienced when it comes to providing charter bus services and assistance to passengers?
•    Do we have to go somewhere to get picked up or can we specify our times and locations for both pick up and drop offs?

10 of the Best Must See Places in Atlanta

1.    The Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse
2.    Atlanta Symphony Orchestra
3.    Jimmy Carter Library and Museum
4.    Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center
5.    Atlanta Beltline Eastside Trail
6.    Agatha’s Mystery Theatre
7.    Zoo Atlanta
8.    Centennial Olympic Park
9.    Georgia Aquarium
10.    Atlanta History Center

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