Atlanta Bus Rental – 10 of the Best Places to Enjoy Atlanta

One of the first things that you and any adventurous traveler would look for when visiting a specific city would be their outdoor tourist attractions. This is a must for those who would like to hike, bike, camp out and explore nature in the most fun and enjoyable ways. Now, if you plan to visit Atlanta, you are in for a real treat! Why? Well, it is because the city has a lot of outdoor parks and nature trails that would entice every outdoorsy person to visit. To make sure that you will be able to visit the city’s coolest places, you have to book the best Atlanta bus rental company.

Top Things to Look for in an Atlanta Bus Rental Company

You really have to be picky when it comes to scouting for the best charter bus company for you upcoming Atlanta road / nature trip. So to make sure that you really find the best one, here are things that you have to confirm:

1.    The company’s length or years of experience when it comes to chartering passengers from their home cities to Atlanta.
2.    The company’s buses and amenities are also things that you should carefully check. The buses should be modern and properly maintained to ensure your safety. The amenities on the other hand, should be state of the art and complete to guarantee that you will all be comfortable and relaxed throughout the journey.
3.    The company’s rates and packages should be budget friendly and competitive at the same time. Since you will be traveling with a large group, you need all the budget saving techniques that you can make use of in order to stick within your budget.
4.    The company’s extra services should also be competitive. A good company will help you come up with the best itinerary for your budget and of course your interests. It should also be accommodating enough to help you make schedule changes in events that you will not be able to make it to your original schedule. They should also allow you to make short sightseeing stops at places that you will see on the road.
5.    The company’s drivers and guides should not only be experienced and certified. They should also be friendly and helpful to passengers. They should help you find the best places to shop, eat and enjoy in Atlanta.

Best Nature Related Places in Atlanta

1.    Cochran Mill Park
2.    Historic Fourth Ward Park
3.    Ansley Park
4.    Perkerson Park
5.    Lullwater Park
6.    Overmountain Victory National Historic Trail
7.    The Olmstead Linear Park
8.    Inman Park
9.    Atlanta Botanical Garden
10.    Piedmont Park

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