Atlanta Charter Bus – Budget Friendly Ways to Visit Atlanta

Atlanta is home to several tourist attractions that will not only tickle your imagination, but will also help you save money at the same time. One of the most important things to plan for when going on your family summer vacation is your transportation. And if you want to stay on the practical yet convenient side, then renting an Atlanta Charter Bus should be your first choice.

What are the major benefits of chartering a bus to Atlanta?

Chartering a bus can be very beneficial for you and your travel companions. Here are the major advantages that you should keep in mind:

1. You will have free reigns in customizing your itinerary. Based on the budget that you have set and your interests, your chosen charter bus company will help you come up with your must see list in no time.
2. Save money by chartering a bus. Compared to purchasing 25 round trip tickets from DC to Atlanta or renting 5 or more caravans, renting a bus will help you save money since you will only pay for a single rate unless, otherwise specified.
3. Stay relaxed and comfortable throughout the trip. The bus has enough room even for as much as 60 people. You can easily and comfortably fit inside leaving ample space to move about, stretch your legs and plop your luggage.
4. You will surely feel safe because the bus is complete it secured. The drivers and guides are certified and properly trained to make sure that you and your family, including your belongings is in good hands.

Affordable Attractions in Atlanta

Contrary to common belief, you can easily find free and affordable things to do and places to visit in Atlanta:

• Check out the Jim Henson Exhibit at The Center for Puppetry Arts. Visit the place on Thursdays between 1 pm to 3 pm to enjoy their free admission day.
• Tour the Georgia State Capitol and get to know the state and the city’s colorful history for free.
• Explore the Imagine It! Children’s Museum – free admission every second Tuesday of the month.
• Free lectures and seminars at the Emory University.
• The museum at the Federal Reserve in Midown is also completely free for locals and tourists.
• Walk or ride a bike and follow the paths at the famous Silver Comet Trail.
• If you are more of an outdoorsy type of grouo, you can either hike up Kennesaw Mountain, spend a lazy day at Lake Allatoona, visit the North Georgia Mountains or walk or run at the new Beltline paths – without spending a single penny!
• Go nuts over Atlanta’s parks such as the Piedmont park, Freedom and Grant Park, as well as its Inman Park. Find out the different festivals taking place jn each and of course, grab the opportunity to take part in the festivities.

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