Knowing the Responsibilities of Bus Charter Company Atlanta

There are various responsibilities that a bus charter company Atlanta must observe at all times. Private contractors of this transportation mode have specific duties as stated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Without observance of these responsibilities and compliance with the rules and regulations, there will be higher chances of road accidents and other dilemma. As a customer, you must also be aware of these responsibilities so that you could make complaints and the right steps when called for.

Safety Standards to Observe

Private bus charter company Atlanta contractors are basically mandated to guarantee that their buses are complying with the federal motor safety rules and standards. Vehicles must be licensed and fit for transportation of their clients to a specific destination. They must ensure that their clients and passengers are in utmost safety and comfort all throughout the trip. Their charter buses must be equipped with the necessary safety precautionary measures including emergency windows, retention and release systems. They must also have emergency exit signs, signal, working brakes, outside mirrors and illuminated lighting systems. For the rear and front seats near the bus driver, these areas of the bus must have type-two seatbelts and should pass the standards of a seatbelt assembly system.

Accessible Transport Services

Bus charter company Atlanta must have accessibility features especially for people with disabilities. This is mandatory not only in specific buildings and infrastructures. Charter buses must have certain features that could help PWDs to board and un-board the vehicle with safety and convenience. Some of the highly recommended accessibility services for transport charter buses include lifts or devices to accommodate wheelchairs and other equipment for PWDs while onboard.

Drug and Alcohol Policies

It is highly important that private bus companies and contractors must comply with the policies and regulations regarding alcohol and drugs. It is mandated that charter bus operators most importantly their drivers must pass alcohol and drug tests in a regular basis. Bus companies breaching this regulation will lose their license to operate and will be blacklisted in the charter bus services industry. Federal authorities also conduct random drug and alcohol testing to ensure that bus companies strictly comply with these rules.

Choosing the best bus charter company Atlanta goes more than just looking into their fleets and vehicles. You must carefully screen bus operators today and ensure that they pass all the standards and requirements of the federal authorities to make sure you are dealing with the right service providers.

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