The Truth about Rental Pricing

Renting Atlanta charter buses is practical and economical compared to buying your own vehicle and maintaining it. The good news is that there are various service providers offering this type of feature and mode of transportation with unique offers. Rental pricing is a valuable and core factor that must be considered when opting for a charter bus especially in Atlanta.

Factors affecting charter bus rental pricing

There are various factors that influence the rental price of Atlanta charter buses. Some of the most important and key contributors in the amount and rate of rentals for charter buses include the mileage or total distance, seasonality and the type of vehicle and its features. It is imperative to find high quality charter buses with the most innovative and technologically advanced equipment. Another important thing you need to consider is the high quality customer service the company provides for hassle-free and convenient transportation from start to finish.

Types of charter buses and pricing range

Atlanta charter bus and many other places and states may vary according to the service provider and the type of features they provide. There are economy, specialty and deluxe vehicles which you could rent or charter for smaller to bigger group of people. The price range would depend on the different amenities and features the charter bus is equipped with. Here are few of the different categories and types of vehicles you could hire including their features and rental price rates:

• Economy and Specialty. The vehicles included in this category are trolleys and schoolbuses. These charter buses may usually have the maximum seating capacity from 28 to 66 people. Since these are economy category vehicles, they do not usually go long distance and do not have features such as restrooms. Average rental cost may vary from $350 – $2000 for full day or 10-12 hours.
• Deluxe and Luxury. These vehicles include mini coach, deluxe coach, party buses, executive coach, atlanta motorocoach and sleeper or entertainer buses. These could go long distance with entertainment, restroom and air conditioning features. Average range for these charter buses is between $450 for half day and $3000 in an hourly rate.

One of the many reasons why you should rent a charter bus is that you can get huge savings especially if it is a group affair to a specific and long distance destination. Atlanta charter buses are definitely much better than public transits.

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